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1   Leader's Guide:The mission of Jesus : 5 lessons on triumph of God's kingdom in a world of chaos : discovery guideby Vander Laan, Ray,( 2016)   Overdue:07/16/2018
Location: Main Library /  232.901 VAN

2   The Mission of Jesusby Vander Laan, Ray( 2016)   Overdue:07/16/2018
Location: Main Library /  232.901 VAN

3   Kind is the new classy : the power of living graciouslyby Cameron-Bure, Candace( 2018)   In
Location: Main Library /  B CAM

4   The light within me : an inspirational memoirby Earhardt, Ainsley, 1976-( 2018)   In
Location: Main Library /  B EAR
"The celebrated Fox News star and #1 New York Times bestselling author offers a powerful, uplifting look at her life and her spiritual journey, reflecting on her family, her faith, and her successful career. In her bestselling children's book Take Heart, My Child, Ainsley Earhardt drew on her childhood and the inspirational notes her father wrote her before school each morning. In this moving memoir, she reminisces about growing up with a father who loved his children unconditionally--a cherished model of parenthood she has adopted with her own daughter--how her Christian faith has shaped her life, and the dynamic journalism career that has made her a trusted household name. From her insightful political coverage, including a sit-down with Melania Trump, to her powerful reporting covering some of the most headline-making national events, to her live coverage, including Pope Francis' visit to New York, Ainsley considers her career and the factors that have propelled her to the top of her field, becoming a cohost of Fox & Friends and contributor to Hannity. Ainsley credits her success to the values she learned from her parents, and to the enduring Christian faith that has been her ballast through thick and thin, in good times and in periods of great difficulty. Filled with inspirational quotes taken from Scripture and illustrated with sixteen pages of never-before-seen photos, her memoir is infused with her spiritual beliefs and will touch the hearts of all her fans, reminding them to count the blessings God has given them every day of their lives." --amazon.com.

5   I can only imagine : a memoirby Millard, Bart.( 2018)   Due:07/23/2018
Location: Main Library /  B MIL

6   Frolic Bible babiesby Bell, Lucy J.,( 2017)   In
Location: Main Library /  BB CE BEL

7   God's wonderful worldby Hilton, Jennifer (Jennifer Sue),( 2016)   In
Location: Main Library /  BB CE HIL

8   Everyone gets upsetby Hilton, Jennifer.( 2018)   In
Location: Main Library /  BB CE MCC

9   Sleep tight tonightby Hilton, Jennifer.( 2018)   Due:07/29/2018
Location: Main Library /  BB CE MCC

10   Thank you, Godby Hilton, Jennifer.( 2018)   In
Location: Main Library /  BB CE MCC

11   We're better togetherby Hilton, Jennifer.( 2018)   In
Location: Main Library /  BB CE MCC

12   Ava and the Big Ouchby Bell, Lucy( 2018)   Due:07/29/2018
Location: Main Library /  CE BEL

13   Hal and the prickle problemby Bell, Lucy.( 2018)   Due:07/29/2018
Location: Main Library /  CE BEL

14   Jo and the not-so-little lieby Bell, Lucy J.( 2018)   Due:07/27/2018
Location: Main Library /  CE BEL

15   Rufus and the scary storm : a book about being braveby Bell, Lucy.( 2018)   Due:07/29/2018
Location: Main Library /  CE BEL

16   Cupcake catapult!by Berrios, Frank,( 2017)   In
Location: Main Library /  CE BER
When his cupcake-flinging robot goes out of control at the annual Cupcake Day celebration, Rusty and Ruby have to think on their feet before the event becomes a complete mess.

17   Balloon blast!by Matheis, Mickie,( 2017)   Due:07/27/2018
Location: Main Library /  CE MAT
Rusty Rivets and his robot friends are on an inventing adventure! When Rusty's friend Liam accidentally launches a giant helium balloon, Rusty and Ruby must find a way to bring him down before a storm hits. Boys and girls will love this Little Golden Book based on an exciting episode of Nickelodeon's Rusty Rivets!--Amazon.com.

18   Is anyone out there?by White, Jeff, 1968-( 2017)   In
Location: Main Library /  CE WHI
"Bubba the whale learns that God is always with him"--

19   The Mission Of Jesus( 2016)   Due:07/20/2018
Location: Main Library /  DVD 232.901 VAN
5 episodes in Israel and Turkey

20   Iesodo, The Way of Jesus/Kindness( 2015)   In
Location: Main Library /  DVD CE ISE

21   I can only imagine( 2018)   Due:07/22/2018
Location: Main Library /  DVD F ICA
The inspiring and unknown true story behind MercyMe's beloved, chart topping song that brings ultimate hope to so many is a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness.

22   Let there be light( 2018)   In
Location: Main Library /  DVD F LET
For all his far-reaching fame, Sol Harkens, the world's most famous atheist, is a lonely soul and a lousy part-time dad. After a near death experience challenges his simplest assumptions about this world, Sol finds his purpose and re-imagines his life, in a film that will make you laugh and cry and want to stand up and cheer.

23   Paul, apostle of Christ( 2018)   In
Location: Main Library /  DVD F PAU
The story covers Paul, going from the most infamous persecutor of Christians to Jesus Christ's most influential apostle.

24   Signed, sealed, delivered( 2015)   In
Location: Main Library /  DVD F SIG
Follows the adventures of four postal detectives with a mission to deliver previously undeliverable mail.

25   The lost castleby Cambron, Kristy,( 2018)   Due:07/27/2018
Location: Main Library /  F CAM
"Launching a brand-new series, Kristy Cambron explores the collision of past and present as she discovers the ruins of a French castle, long lost to history"--\"Broken-down walls and crumbled stones seemed to possess a secret language all their own. What stories would they tell, if she finally listened?</strong> Ellie Carver arrives at her grandmother's bedside expecting to find her silently slipping away. Instead, the beloved old woman begins speaking. Of a secret past and castle ruins forgotten by time. Of a hidden chapel that served as a rendezvous for the French resistance in World War II. Of lost love and deep regret. Each piece that unlocks the story seems to unlock part of Ellie too--where she came from and who she is becoming. But her grandmother is quickly disappearing into the shadows of Alzheimer's and Ellie must act fast if she wants to uncover the truth of her family's history. Drawn by the mystery surrounding The Sleeping Beauty--a forgotten castle so named for Charles Perrault's beloved fairy tale--Ellie embarks on a journey to France's Loire Valley in hopes that she can unearth its secrets before time silences them forever. Bridging the past to present in three time-periods--the French Revolution, World War II, and present day--The Lost Castle is a story of loves won and lost, of battles waged in the hearts of men, and an enchanted castle that stood witness to it all, inspiring a legacy of faith through the generations"--

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